The Times They Are A-Changin’

The time has come! We’ve been saying for months that something big is coming, and it is finally here… the brand-spankin’-new version of this skill gaming community: Skillville Games! We’ve been taking all feedback that we’ve received, plus the insight that we’ve gained simply by running SkillAddiction to bring you this shiny new brand. Not only is the name different, though, but the complete setup of the website is revolutionized. We weren’t aiming for an incremental  improvement here, so it may look a little unfamiliar at first. Just remember that it’s the SkillAddiction heart that beats on with the original, founding team still running the service, just with a fresh, shiny, new exterior.

The changes aren’t going to stop here, though. We’ve got lots in the works, a lot on the improvements list, and we are SO excited to be cranking out new and improved features. Keep your eye out for some fun new things on the site, and be sure to give us some feedback about what you think! We always love to hear from you guys about what you are liking/disliking/etc.

Just as a refresher course for the vet’s and an introductory lesson for the n00bs: Skillville Games is all about earning cash and prizes from playing fun and easy-to-learn casual games. We’ve got a big portfolio of games, so you’re bound to find something that you like to play. You don’t even need to deposit any money in your account to start winning! The key is Skillville’s skill tokens. You earn them as you play games and complete offers, and you can trade them in for either cash to use to compete in Skillville’s cash tournaments, or merchandise prizes like gift cards. Entering into cash tournaments is how you start competing in cash games and winning real cash prizes, and that’s when the real fun begins! And don’t forget about Treasure Hunt – the scavenger hunt that will have you following clues to discover hidden cash and skill token prizes.

Finally, with all this movin’ and shakin’ going on here, we can hardly keep up! We are looking to grow the Skillville Games Team, so if you love the ‘ville as much as we do and you’ve got a code-writing background, we want to hear from you!