New mahjong game: Jolly Jong Classic!

Fact or fiction: Mahjong is a game for old asian ladies sitting around a card table complaining about their grandkids. 
Answer: FICTION.

Why?  Because Mahjong is only one of the funnest games ever, and it’s fun for almost everyone.  Now that’s a fact!

Because it’s such an awesome game and you’d have to be silly to be a mahjong-hater, we put yet ANOTHER one on our website: Jolly Jong Classic. This is a great version of mahjong that requires equal parts of speed and strategy.

We started it off with a $50 jackpot.  It’s a week long tournament, so you’ll have plenty of time to hone your skills and reach your maximum playability.  

Step 1: Start Playing Now
Step 2: Win cash prize