Friday Fix

TGIF! After a long week of hard work, it is nice to sit down and play and win a couple of cash games or games for Skill Tokens, isn’t it?  We’ve been working hard all week too, actively fixing glitches to make the site run even better.  We sincerely appreciate you putting up with them and letting us know about them so that we can get them all fixed up and make your gaming experience even better.

This week we worked on:

  • Background – Consolidated the background images and optimized the resulting image for faster site access.  Also, fixed background bug where there was grass above the sky on a few pages.
  • Consolidated and optimized CSS files for faster site access.
  • Prizes – Now all on one page with no shelves, and cash prize are now displaying the amounts.
  • Splash page – Layout improved. The newsletter signup portion is constrained, the SkillAddiction header is gone and the city background is showing up.

Whew!  Busy week!

Be sure to let us know when you come across something that doesn’t work or look quite right. We’ll work on getting it fixed asap.