Friday Fix

Well, it’s that time of the week again… TGIF! After a long week of hard work, it is nice to sit down and play and win a couple of cash games or games for Skill Tokens, isn’t it?  We’ve been working hard all week too, actively fixing glitches to make the site run even better.  We sincerely appreciate you putting up with them and letting us know about them so that we can get them all fixed up and make your gaming experience even better.

Here are the updates for this week:

  • Page titles are back! (Ok, I acknowledge that this one isn’t quite as exciting… I thought that maybe, just maybe, if I put an exclamation point in there, I could rouse up some excitement)
  • Change Mail page no longer says SkillAddiction… if you haven’t noticed yet, we’re changing everything over to Skillville Games… the awesome brand, duh. 
  • Other SkillAddiction artifacts removed throughout the site.  See above.
  • Registration and Registration Confirmation page bugs fixed… and SkillAddiction artifacts removed 🙂
  • CSS corrections made for some pages that use alternative CSS that was being pulled from SkillAddiction, including registerb page.  (Doesn’t make sense to you?  Me neither.  But it sounds like progress!)
  • Account Stats page has css fixes for alignment and styling, bringing it closer in line with the rest of the account section, and making it more legible.

Be sure to let us know when you come across something that doesn’t work or look quite right. We’ll work on getting it fixed asap.