How it Works

First-timer?  This is the post for you.  We will describe, step-by-step, how Skillville Games works, what we’re all about, and some of the cool things that you can do on the site.

First step, watch this video.  It will give you a high-level overview of Skillville Games so you can get an initial grasp of what we do.

So, you want to play in a tournament?

One of the main reasons why players come to is to compete in skill gaming tournaments.  Skill gaming tournaments are head-to-head, asynchronous, and skill-based.  Players are competing against each other, fairly, in games that are played solitarily (such as Solitaire or Brick Breaker) to compete for cash and prizes.

The way that you compete in a tournament is by:

  1. Selecting the game that you would like to compete in.  We’ve got lots to choose from, so we’ve broken the games down into categories for easy browsing.  We’ve got Action Games, Strategy Games, Logic and Puzzle Games, and Arcade Games.  What type of games do you like to play?

  2. Choosing the tournament that you would like to compete in.  We’ve got tournaments for all levels of risk takers.  Do you want to compete for cash or just Skill Tokens?  Maybe you don’t want to wager anything at all — no problem!  We’ve got tournaments for you too!

    Remember: the higher the entry cost of the tournament, the higher the jackpot tends to be.  The entry costs of the tournaments are what create the jackpot that you’re competing for.  Makes sense, no?  If you want to deposit money into your account to compete for cash prizes, head over to our Deposit page!
  3. Playing the game.  After you’ve chosen the game and tournament that suits you, you play the game.  You get the exact same game layout as the other players that you are competing against.

    Your score is then recorded in the tournament, and then compared with the scores of the other players in the tournament.  The player with the highest score receives the jackpot that your entry costs, combined, created.

So, you want to win prizes in Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt is an awesome way to get some extra cash and Skill Token prizes.  It’s pretty simple, really.  Treasure Hunt is a map with prizes hidden in it.  How do you find them?  By clicking around the map, of course!  When you click, you receive hints that tell you how close you are to a prize.  Follow the hints to the Treasure!

So, you want to trade your Skill Tokens in for a prize?

So, we know that by playing in tournaments and searching around in Treasure Hunt you can earn Skill Tokens.  But what’s so awesome about Skill Tokens?  Answer: you can trade them in for real prizes!  All you have to do is head over to our Prizes section, select the prize that you want, spend your Skill Tokens on the prize by clicking “Redeem”, and voila!  Prize redeemed!  **Note: we manually distribute prizes, so you can expect to have the prize within 3-5 business days if it is bonus cash for the website, and a little bit longer if it is a material prize.


What’s the difference between VIP and Premium?

We’ve been seeing some confusion around town with the difference between VIP and Premium status.  So, we wanted to clear that up for you guys.  

  • VIP:
    – Pays $6.99/month
    – Has access to exclusive Freeroll tournaments
    – Has priority withdrawals
    – Has extra clicks on the TH
    – Does not necessarily need to be Premium member 
  • Premium:
    – Has deposited funds into their account 
    – Can compete in cash wagering tournaments 

Pretty easy, no?  Any questions?

Arrgh, matey! Find me prizes in Treasure Hunt!

Arrgh, matey! Find me prizes in Treasure Hunt!

Just kidding. I don’t talk like that. Why? Because I’m a smart, well-educated pirate. So smart, in fact, that I’ve been able to amass over 2,000 pieces of treasure. Smarter still, I’ve hidden the treasure all over the world! The only way to find it is by following the hints on the Treasure Hunt Map. Some of the more awesome prizes that can be found by following the hints on the map:

  • 500 Skill Tokens
  • 1000 Skill Tokens
  • $2.50
  • $5
  • $10

Can you find my treasure?